Cookery Workshop at FDS!

Foundation for Somalia will be organising its first cookery workshop as part of the intercultural activities in the Migrants integration through volunteering activities (MIVA) project.


The cookery workshop will consist of ten (10) participants from both local Polish community (5) and migrant community or other ethnic group (5). They will work together in the same kitchen environment.

The first cooking class will be led by Ayur Zhat, a Mongolian living in Poland and he will be preparing the traditional Mongolian dish: Buuza

Date: June 29, 2019. Time: 16:00

There are limited spaces for ten (10) participants only. Click here to reserve a space.

Cookery classes will expand the participant’s horizons as they will be able to communicate with persons who come from a foreign cultural environment. This group interaction will enable TCNs to create new social connections with other women who were experiencing similar experiences, which also will serve to help the women combat their feelings of isolation.