The International Career Days of 2017 (31st of March) Have Come To A Conclusion!

The Foundation for Somalia took part on March 31st in Warsaw in the International Career Day of 2017 in Collegium Civitas (Pl.Defilad 1). Among the organizers were: The International Students Club of Collegium Civitas, Foundation for Somalia and American Chamber of Commerce. Representatives of international companies had their eye out for some new talents and potential employees!

We were set up in room 1248, where the best career counselors attended to the students.

The workshops are held in English.

International Career Day 2017


CD’s previous edition was a great success. Just like last year, the team of Foundation for Somalia sat in the advisory room (1248) for attendees, where our consultants assisted in the preparation of CV and cover letter for those in need. We also took time to share some information about our projects, including internships, vocational courses and teaching the Polish language.

Additionally we proposed the students to participate in one of two workshops and have their photo taken at our CV pictures point:

1. DISCOVER, DEVELOP AND DEPLOY! 31.03.2017, 3.00 PM, Room: A

If money is the only hope for happiness and independence you may never have it, the greatest hope one can have in this world is the reserve knowledge, experience and ability. The confidence that we can always have a choice to make, the ability to choose your own life and attitude”
Many people have a wrong mindset of just studying to get a good job after university degree, secure their Job and live a comfortable life. The truth is that this believe and process ends up in a rate race.
A feeling of pursuit or what I call chasing the shadow. Life is meant to be lived impactful, diverting your energy in your passion, living for a cause greater than you. Making the world a better place –
Many do not study to really get self Education, empowerment and to create a job. Real Education empowers you to become more innovative, creative and productive.

Trainer: Tade Daniel Omotosho

2. CV pictures point.

The participants of International Career Day 2017 will be able to take part in photo session and take a picture to CV. Anybody intrested will stand in front of the camera of Syaiful Bahri, the friend of Foundation for Somalia.

Syaiful is widely interested in technology – he promotes and encourages people to try the 3D photography. He describes his ideas, inspirations and solutions on his website:


7th of April, 11:00, WORKSHOP with attorney at law: Student’s work in Poland!

Place: 18 Bracka St. apt. 63, Warsaw

Are you a foreign student and do not know if you can legally work in Poland? Or maybe your employer wants you to set up your own business activity? Learn all about the rules in the labor market so you will not get in trouble. During the meeting, you will gain knowledge about the different types of contracts and employee benefits. Sign up today for a workshop with labor law.

Trainer: attorney at law Agata Glinka-Szczepańska



We will confirm your participation, so wait for our e-mail and/or call


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