Polish Courses in The Project First Aid for Migrants

The Polish language course at FDS has been recognized for its professional teachers who offered courses at all level. To make the teaching more effective, separated groups were created for people who know Slavic languages and for other students. But that’s not all, when needed – various interesting and non-standard teaching methods for solutions can be customized!

Thanks to the Polish Red Cross for cooperation in funding the three-month Polish language course that recently has been completed. It was attended by a group of 10 people from Indonesia, Lithuania, Brazil, Jordan, Taiwan, Syria, Vietnam and India. These students already knew many issues of Polish grammar, and many words. However, it was quite difficult for them to talk freely and to create longer, understandable sentences. Someone even said that it usually takes so long to think about the correct form that the Polish interlocutors lose patience and switch to English.

In that case, working with a book full of grammar exercises did not make much sense. To break down the barrier and overcome the fear of speaking, the teacher offered Polish lessons based on various types of games. First, these were simple lexical and social games. When we were working in small groups, participants were always carefully selected and they could communicate in Polish only. The group also played dice games. It helps to build longer and more complex syntax forms.

The Games became more and more complex until finally we played a jointly prepared RPG game! The whole group created the future reality: described Warsaw from 2077. Together we have invented and described the society of 2077, and then everyone has planned and described his/her character. The group had a lot of fun because the male students created a female figure and vice versa in the game!

Once we had the characters and our fictional setting, we could play the game. Our teacher was a game master. And we did it, all in Polish! There were so many emotions and ideas that we mostly forgot that we were afraid to speak Polish!

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