Polish language courses in the FDS – more than just language lessons!


e have many years of experience in conducting language lessons for foreigners. Thanks to this we understand that learning a language is not a one-way process and that we can learn a lot from our own students! We are not only interested in your culture; we also take your suggestions and tips to heart and understand that this interest works both ways.

Thanks to this unique approach we can happily announce that our lessons are more than just exercises with a notebook and a pen in front of a blackboard! Enroll to one of our courses and you can be sure that you signed up not only for learning grammar and spelling, but also for various cultural and recreational events! We are convinced that the best way to learn Polish is to actively participate and take part in Polish culture! Just take a look at the photos from the Ikea “Kitchen of Meetings”, a local league football match and other events below, which were organized by our fantastic staff!

Sign up now and let’s learn from each other!


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