Activelly+Legally-TXTFoundation for Somalia organises integrational and support actions for third countries nationals. Third countries are those outside of European Union. We address our campaign to those who want to live with dignity and work legally, benefitting for Poland and Europe.

The “Actively+Legally” project is a part of “Immigrants in Action”: a comprehensive integration programme for foreigners. More information available on the website below:


One of the objectives of “Actively + Legally” is to promote the cooperation with the employers, who want to hire foreigners or do it already. We also seek to motivate migrants to actively search employment.

The second goal we’re pursuing is the campaign against stereotypes. On the one hand, we show foreigners as sure-footed employees, who are capable of finding their place on the market in accord with their qualifications. On the other hand we want to introduce the employers who are successfully cooperating with foreigners.

Brochure summing up the campaign

Various people. Various idea. Common goal