Balanced development

of fodder sector in the Togdheer region in Somaliland


The goal of the project was to increase the farming skills of local communities, popularize initiatives and to strengthen the formation of civil society, co-operative structures and private sector as well as to support entrepreneurship growth among the locals. The project activities were aimed in particular at increasing economic and social potential of local communities.

The main focus was on the development of farming potential in the Togdheer region. The remediation of soil was an occasion for training and supplying farmers with proper tools. 3 sessions were held, each lasting for a few days. The first one concerned natural resources management. Second one focused on technical training on fodder productions and ways to increase its value. Furthermore, a workshop on fodder value chain identification and its analysis was conducted. 3 official co-operatives were created, associating fodder producers and farmers in the region.

These changes will have a direct impact on increasing the potential of the region in order to implement local policy of sustained growth. Moreover, project activities include training for local farmers on the subject of soil, water and forest protection (logging for firewood is popular in this area).