Our goal is to help foreigners get the professional experience suitable for their abilities and qualifications.
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VOUCHER FOR YOUR CAREER is co-financed within the European Fund for Integration of the Third Countries Nationals and state budget.



If you want to:

  • Obtain professional experience… start an internship!
  • Raise your qualifications – join an additional course!
  • Confirm your qualifications – translate your documents to have them recognized in Poland!
  • Develop your language skills – join a polish or English class!
  • Make contact with employers – attend the Intercultural Career Days!

– this is your a VOUCHER for your career!

Find your way to develop, invest your energy and time, and we will invest in you!


Our goal is to help foreigners get the professional experience suitable for their abilities and qualifications.

Many employers and other supporters of ethical practices in the range of employment of the foreigners.


Through internships to career: win a voucher in the internship competition!

The programme of paid internships, each lasting from 3 to 6 months: find a company for which you would want to intern or leave it to us! 4-day motivational training: “Believe in yourself and discover your potential”: know your strengths and weaknesses, discover your abilities and talents! Preparatory and summative coaching and consulting for interns.
Current support for both the intern and the employer conducting the internship.

Find your course! Course voucher and well-tailored training.

Find a course or training that suits you best and let us cover up to 80% of the costs. Come see us and we’ll help you find a course or training that suits your qualifications and previous experience.

Document voucher: confirm your achievements!

Our voucher can be used for the preparation of documents necessary to start working in Poland: translations of foreign documents and diplomas, preparing for recognition in Poland; SANEPID certificates; certificates confirming the knowledge of Polish language; other documents indispensable for future employers.

Intercultural Career Days – May 2015

Take part in the first event of this kind in Warsaw. Meet employers and foreigners who gained success in Poland. Share your experience!
Main events:

  • Expert panel
  • Working group deliberations
  • Interactive sessions
  • Open-air workshops
  • Partners’ and employers’ stalls
  • … you can also hold your own accompanying event!

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