FDS Emergency Solidarity Network – Join us!

Dear Friends,

Dear Partners’ Organisations.

We address this special letter to you in the face of the tragic situation that has affected Ukraine and its inhabitants. In connection with Russia’s military aggression on Ukraine, the Foundation for Somalia (FDS) and its Polish and international community strongly condemn the attack on our neighbor and the use of violence against people.

The Foundation for Somalia, as a non-governmental organization that has been supporting migrants in Poland for many years, educating, integrating, and providing humanitarian aid, expresses its great solidarity with Ukraine and, in accordance with its statutory activity, declare all possible help in these difficult times.

Recent reports show that today – March 10, 2022 – the number of refugees in Poland has exceeded within just 2 weeks 1.4 million people (IOM data) with over 100,000 people of non-Ukrainian origin. This is a completely new reality for both Poles and non-governmental and aid organizations that have faced an extremely important challenge. Immediately after the outbreak of the war, our Foundation has started offering emergency assistance to refugees from Ukraine, both Ukrainian citizens and people of non-Ukrainian origin, including mothers with children and students who had been forced to flee the country. 

For this reason, we would like to invite you to join the FDS Emergency Solidarity Network we have set up, which will:

  • help to create a network of like-minded organizations, our long-term, and trusted projects’ partners, helping those in need, including migrants and refugees,
  • link us to potential funding options, donors, and sources across borders, 
  • support us with direct or indirect help, e.g. thanks to taking part in campaigning and advocacy, joint volunteering in the future, etc.,
  • enable contact with organizations in Romania, Slovakia, Moldova or Hungary, which – as countries neighboring with Ukraine – operate recently in a similar area of ​​assistance,
  • give the opportunity to receive information about the current situation on the border and in Poland, as well as our activities for refugees. This will contribute to the reliable flow of knowledge. 

We would like you to join the Network and share it with your contacts – other organizations, associations, potential donors, that might help us with finding fund opportunities and simply show support. 

Thanks to the FDS Emergency Solidarity Network, international and European organizations will be brought on board in our actions for Ukraine. Our Network will be linked by e-mail and on social media.

If you are interested in supporting us through joining FDS Emergency Solidarity Network, please fill in the form: 


If you are willing to support us financially, please check the information about the donation here: https://fds.org.pl/en/bez-kategorii-en/donation-for-refugees-from-ukraine-of-non-ukrainian-origin/

Find our full letter in PDF version here.

Thank you for your support!