Take part in BRICS Workshop!

Building Social Bridges by Artistic Initiatives, (BRICS) is funded by the European union within the Erasmus Plus scheme and it aims to improve the social inclusion of immigrants through the development and improvement of their competences in art (social, cultural, values, organizational, educational, etc.).

This workshop consists of the following modules:

✅ Unit 1 – Creativity as a tool for social inclusion

✅ Unit 2 – Cultural intelligence

✅ Unit 3 – Communication across Cultures

✅ Unit 4 – Building on Culture, Identity and perception to create a better work environment

✅ Unit 5 – Facilitation techniques for the social inclusion process

Competences and skills to acquire at the completion of this workshop:

📎be able to express yourself;

📎be more confident;

📎communicate more effectively;

📎 develop empathy skills;

📎 active listening;

📎s elf-awareness.

Date: October 28, 2022

Time: 5.30pm -7pm CET

Venue and Address: ul. Bracka 18/63, 00-028 Warsaw

Contact: Patrycja: +48 880 544 232

email: patrycja.koziel@fds.org.pl

Refreshment will be available during this workshop

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