Launch of ActionAid Phase 2B Project

We are happy to announce the ActionAid Phase 2B Project launch coordinated by our foundation, Fundacja dla Migrantów “Dobry Start” i.m. A.G. Farah. The project will last from September 2023 to August 2024 and will target people fleeing the war in Ukraine, settled in various reception centres in Poland.

The activities in this project will include the following:

1. Language programmes

2. Training

3. Workshop

4. Digital CVs

5. Photo sessions

Key challenges/needs to be addressed in this project are as follows:

1. Language barriers

2. Job and vocational skill-appropriate

3. Cultural barriers (Discrimination, Limited knowledge of the Polish culture)

4. Psychosocial Needs

5. Job Market-related support (e.g., unpaid salaries)

Stay tuned for updates on this project’s outcomes.