World Cuisine Online: Cook with Marco Ghia!

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We would like to make this time in isolation make better for you, and that is why we are starting a new cycle of cooking workshop online with master chefs around the world!

On Sunday morning, 17th May, join us in the event online, LIVE with Marco Ghia – a cook from Akademia Kulinarna Whirpool. Marco will prepare something special from Italian cuisine and will also talk about his life as an immigrant.


Few words about Marco Ghia:
He is a chef in Akademia Kulinarna Whirpool and a participant of a show „Gotowi, do gotowania, start!”.
Cooking always played a key role in his life. As a child he was spending a lot of time in a kitchen, in the mornings he drove to the market with his uncle, who led a restaurant in Bergamo neighbourshood. There he learnt the basics – how to know if a fish is fresh, how to decide if vegetables are worth buying and a piecie of meat – appropriate to a dish. His first teacher was of course his mother – a master of traditional Italian cuisine. As a student he was working for many years in restaurants in Italy and abroad what shaped him as a chef. What makes cooking so excellent is care about product’s quality, simplicity of composition, respect for taste, consistency and a character of used ingredients and care about final look. When he is not cooking or feeding his friends, he talks about cooking. He can’t stop himself from sharing his passion and love to cooking.

WHEN: 17.05.2020, 11 a.m.
WHERE: Everywhere, where there is ineternet connection. LIVE will be broadcasted on the Facebook of the Foundation for Somalia

This event will be held in Polish!

We have a challenge for you – can you cook just like Marco? Share a photo of your dish with us![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]