Africa, Asia and Middle East in a nutshell – free of charge intercultural workshops for young people

Foundation for Somalia offers free of charge intercultural workshops for young people, that brings closer tradition and customs of inhabitants of chosen countries of Africa, Asia and Middle East. This offer is addressed to school’s teachers.

Foundation for Somalia started to organize the cycle of 60 intercultural workshops addressed to school workers such as teachers in Warsaw, who would like to bring closer theirs pupils to the culture of countries from Africa, Asia and Middle East. According to the children’s needs the topic of those workshops may vary – it can be about any of chosen cultures, both traditional and modern. Workshops are led by experienced educators, who come from those regions mentioned above but they live in Warsaw and speak Polish fluently. Workshops are organized in the framework of the project “Support for integration of foreigners in Mazovia”.

How do we teach?

Workshops are tailored to the age and capabilities of group, and they are also suited to answer the needs of teachers. Workshops are conducted in the interactive way with the use of different teaching methods. Depending on the group, they can be about the typical nature in the plastic, musical or cultural perspective or about intercultural integration, toleration, migration. Educators use also the methods stemming from storytelling, where youth can meet with personal stories and ways that brought them to Poland. As a result young people will be not only enriched by knowledge about unknown culture so far, but they will also have perfect opportunity to ask important and difficult questions about the myth of migrant, multicultural society or integration.

Subjects of workshops

Topics involve the reality of life in different countries, elements of culture and customs and cohabitation in multicultural society. In our portfolio there are also interactive lessons with the use of traditional musical instruments (in the case of African countries)

Why is it worth to take part?

Thanks to the participation in intercultural workshops young people will gain:

* unique knowledge about different cultures;

* bigger consciousness about diversity of Earth inhabitants;

* enhanced sensitivity and openness to the representatives of different cultures and traditions;

* skills that allow to integrate freely with multicultural environment and reduce prejudices resulting from fear or lack of knowledge about people from different countries.

Sign up!

To take part in those workshops, you are supposed to write a short justification – why your school is interested to conduct this workshop and what are your expectations. Additionally with kindly ask you to leave contacts to the person that is responsible for organizing such a lesson. Workshops are free of charge. We provide all necessary equipment.



phone: +48 22 658 04 87

The project “Support for the integration of foreigners in Mazovia” is co-financed from the National Program of the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund.

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