O projekcie

HealthMi – Health Care Professional Guidance for Migrants is co-financed by the European Commission under the Erasmus + KA2 program. Cooperation for innovation and exchange of good practices – Strategic Partnerships for adult education.

The HealthMi project consortium includes 5 partner countries: Greece, Poland, Cyprus, Italy, and Spain.

– coordinators: University of Piraeus, Research Center (Greece) www.unipi.gr/unipi/en/ 

– Foundation for Somalia (Poland) www.fds.org.pl 

– Enoros Consulting Ltd (Cypr) www.enoros.com.cy 

– PRISM Impresa Sociale S.R.L. (Italy) www.prismonline.eu 

– Ibonis European Research Projects S.L. (Spain) www.ibonis.info/ 

HealthMi aims to foster respect and understanding for diversity in Health, intercultural and civic competences, but also it will enable health values and citizenship within the EU in order tο understand the educational needs of migrants regarding the healthcare system better. HealthMi Project includes the development of innovative tools and models locally and transnationally for in order to facilitate migrants access to healthcare services and systems by reducing and facing any obstacles and problems occurred during their arrival but also the current pandemic of Covid-19. The project implements training programmes for both migrants and health professionals. The project will engage local citizens, representatives of health organizations, health professionals and mentors, public and private key actors working or involved with migrants and stakeholders.