Help for people of various nationalities fleeing the war from Ukraine.

Facing the war in Ukraine, we want help and support to all people fleeing the war, regardless of their national and ethnic origin. Every day, tens of thousands of people flee Ukraine, they leave their homes, universities, and friends. Among these people, there are not only Ukrainian citizens but also representatives of other countries, especially African and Asian countries. Forced to abandon their homes, they face many difficulties caused by the long road, overcrowded trains, and long queues at border crossings. Almost a quarter of over 75,000 foreigners studying in Ukraine come from African countries, most of them from Ghana and Nigeria. They came to Europe to study and were forced to flee the war.

In Poland, a lot of facilitation for Ukrainian citizens has now been introduced, access to free transport and medical services, accommodation, support from psychologists, lawyers, etc. The lack of awareness of the fact that there are also people without Ukrainian citizenship among those seeking refuge means that they are ignored in access to these much-needed facilities. We appeal to all people of goodwill for help.

As a Foundation, we want to support and help all people who do not have Ukrainian citizenship, but who are fleeing the war from Ukraine.

Following the outbreak of war in Ukraine, foreigners, the People of African Descent, and the People of Colour have been facing a lot of challenges. We are currently mobilizing resources in order to continue providing support mechanisms in the following areas;

  1. Providing accommodation to those who are coming to Warsaw;
  2. Providing transport from reception centers to Warsaw to foreigners, such as People of African Descent that have crossed the border into Poland;
  3. Provide basic supplies to those already in Warsaw and other locations across the country.

If you want to help us, please make a payment to the Foundation’s account and we will help refugees from Ukraine.

Here is the link: Zbieram.pl

Thank you for your support!