HealthMi project – Second Partners Meeting in Cyprus

HealthMi | Healthcare professional guidance – 2nd Transnational Project Meeting 🇨🇾

Venue | Enoros Consulting Ltd, Nicosia, Cyprus

In January 26th & 27th 2023, partners from International Relations Office – University of Piraeus 🇬🇷Fundacja dla Somalii / Foundation for Somalia 🇵🇱 PRISM Impresa Sociale 🇮🇹 Ibonis European Research Projects 🇪🇸 and Enoros Consulting Ltd 🇨🇾 met for the 2nd TPM to discuss the progress of the HealthMi project:

✅The Code of Conduct for Health Literacy

✅The In-service Training Program for Healthcare professionals

✅The Hybrid Training Curriculum for Migrants

✅The HealthMi Multilingual Gateway

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