It was a beautiful NEIGHBOUR’S DAY!

Neighbour’s Day took place on Friday, August 18th 2023.

It was really magical. Our guests could listen to performances by artists from Ukraine, Peru and Venezuela. The youngest had fun blowing soap bubbles, making henna decorations on their skin or making braids.

We love to watch this extraordinary energy, dances and joy that accompany this event every year.

The Neighbour’s day is the best proof that good fun has no nationality, and drawing on cultural heritage from different parts of the world creates a fascinating and energetic mix.

Thank you for being with us!

Big bows and thanks to our partners and artists:

Towards Dialogue Foundation

Danube Institute for Dialogue

Rosber Ollarves

Golden Voices Poland

Women’s Choir “Strength” conducted by Olena Levchenko

as well as animators and animators of stands with attractions for children and adults.