Start of the 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence

We are proud to announce that the Foundation for Somalia is embarking on a nationwide awareness campaign for the elimination of Domestic Violence among migrant communities in Poland.

The awareness campaign will take place within the following 10 days starting on 25 November and finishing on 10 December 2020. 

We invite you to join us in the following activities that will help all of us to eliminate Domestic Violence in migrant families and raise awareness among us on the steps we may undertake together in order to stop domestic and gender-based violence.

  • Join us and the Warszawskie Centrum Aikido for the organised SELF-DEFENSE classes. They are only for  women! 

Have you felt helpless? Beaten down? Scared? Unsafe?
Are you a survivor of domestic violence? Would you like to learn self-defence skills for future?
It is time you learn how to defend yourself and face your fears! More importantly, get self-confidence to face challenges in the future!
Together with the Warszawskie Centrum Aikido we organize SELF-DEFENSE classes only for women! If you wish to learn how to defend yourself in the face of any perpetrator, please sign up to follow a 6 hours training on SELF-DEFENSE which will take place during the period of January to February 2021!*
Simply click on the following link to access a form where you will have to submit your details. You will then be contacted with more information regarding date, time and location, as well as all safety measures to be taken.
For more information about the classes, you may wish to visit
* Due to pandemic, the course might be postponed but please add yourself as interested in the course and we will inform you about details and new timing if this happens.


  • Join our online hashtag awareness campaign in our Facebook and Instagram channels. Together we can say Enough is Enough!

25 November is the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women! Every year this day marks the beginning of 16 days of activism under the slogan “Orange the world!”

This year, from the safety of your home, join our cause to raise your voice to say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! Women have endured enough Gender-based Violence for a lifetime! It is time to get the help and support needed to those survivors who battle daily!

If you want to be part of this movement and show your solidarity for the elimination of gender-based violence and all forms of domestic violence, please take a selfie with or without your mask, take a photo with something orange (could be a scarf, pants, a t-shirt, wig, lipstick, a cap) or simply paint your hand with orange colour and hold it up with your palms out and five fingers stretch open, facing the camera (like in the photos below).

You may also choose to hold up a message on a banner/paper/cardboard/screen with the #enoughisenough and #prejmijmoc and share it on your social media. Please do not forget to share it on our Facebook and Instagram pages. If you wish for your photo to be shared with others, you may also email your photos to us at

You are welcome to have other people join you to take group photos with everyone wearing or holding something orange! Let’s orange the world together and say Enough is Enough!


  • If you consider that some people with migrant background around you experience violence and discrimination please contact us for a consultation with a lawyer or psychologist. Our consultations are for free and open for everyone.