BRICS Multiplier Events

Several months ago, all the five partners of the BRICS Project (Building SoCIal BRIdgeS by aRtIStIC InItIatIveS) organised multiplier events to disseminate the project results as part of the ErasmusPlus project in Poland, Cyprus, Slovakia, Italy, and Spain.

The ErasmusPlus project was designed to enhance the social inclusion of migrants by developing and improving their competencies in various areas, including social, cultural, values, and educational aspects.

A significant component of this project was an artistic workshop series connecting with migration. These workshops brought together artists, educators, and migrants to explore themes of identity, culture, and belonging. Through various artistic mediums such as painting, crafting and storytelling, participants were encouraged to express their experiences and perspectives on migration. The workshops not only fostered creativity but also facilitated dialogue and understanding among diverse communities.

The overall objective of the project was to provide training to professionals working in the field of migration, enabling them to address challenges related to equality, diversity, and inclusion within society, and to foster integration among migrants.

This initiative successfully met the organizational needs by enhancing staff competencies, facilitating the exchange of best practices with other European Union member states, and producing innovative educational resources that can be applied in various contexts.

For more detailed information about our collaborative projects with Poland, Cyprus, Slovakia, Italy, and Spain, including the artistic workshops, please follow our official social media pages or visit our project website: