Kick-Off meeting in Finland

In the framework of the project, the Kick-off meeting was organized on the 22nd -23rd of January in Finland with the participation of all partners’ representatives in order to discuss the project activities and implementation cycle.

The Kick-Off Meeting of HelpMi Project was held in the premises of ASDA Ry, in Espoo, Finland, on 22 & 23 of January 2020. During the meeting, the coordinator and applicant of the project, ASDA Ry, presented the goals, the objectives, and the Intellectual Outputs of the project. The partners discussed the development and methodology of the Intellectual Outputs, the Code of Conduct (IO1), the Capacity Building Course for HR Professionals (IO2), and the Digitalized Training Package for employees with a migrant background (IO3). Through the Intellectual Outputs, HelpMi Project aims to help the inclusion and integration of migrants in their workplaces but also to enhance the skills and knowledge of HR Professionals in the partner countries in order to enforce more effectively the integration of migrants.