‘Engage Us Locally: Community-led.’ is on!

O projekcie

We are happy to announce that Fundacja dla Migrantów “DOBRY START” im. A G Farah has officially started the ‘Engage Us Locally: Community-led.’ An initiative to strengthen policies and research-based activity on the issues affecting minority groups in Poland.

This project is designed as a community-led initiative that will be implemented by targeted minority groups in Poland. Our organisation has over the years adopted the participatory development model of involving minority groups in various community projects in Poland.

Target group : all minorities in Poland.

Gender: inclusive approach to all gender

Project outcomes are the ultimate program goals:

🔶 Awareness-raising Campaigns on Minority Groups and their Rights:

🔶 Social Media Awareness Campaign through Digital Storytelling

🔶 Monthly Cultural-Awareness Training for Minority Groups

🔶 Support for Minority-led Organizations and Initiatives

🔶 Mini-Report on Policy Recommendations on Minority Rights in Poland

Project duration: March 2023 to November 2023

Project is supported and funded by the Minority Rights Group and the European Union.

👉 For more info and participation, contact: Omoye : omoyeakhagba@fds.org.pl